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Real Estate DevelopmentIf you are involved in the development of real estate along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, you have probably discovered just how difficult it can be to navigate the many laws, ordinances and regulations surrounding your work. Depending on whether you are located in a municipality or in the county, each governmental entity has its own procedural rules and applicable ordinances. Each is particular about what you can and cannot do, and without legal training or experience presenting your specific issue to the property Board or Commission, it can be challenging to know how to move forward while avoiding legal missteps.

At Negrotto & Associates, we offer a simple and effective way to address legal issues as you develop property. We will look carefully at each project and provide insight into the potential legal hurdles you may encounter, and how to address those hurdles. As your legal team, we will do our best to determine what special needs your project requires and get your issues before the proper authority to obtain the approvals needed. We hope to save you time and money through a direct and calculated approach to getting your project underway.

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