Property Tax Sale Litigation & Consultation

Property Tax Sale Lien Attorney For Mississippi

Property Tax Sale Litigation & ConsultationAt Negrotto & Associates, we have a history of success on ad valorem tax lien issues throughout the state of Mississippi.  Just recently, our firm obtained a favorable ruling from the Mississippi Court of Appeals in Harrison County, MS in the case of High Sierra Tax Sale Props., LLC v. Daley, 188 So. 3d 1224, 1225, 2015 Miss. App. LEXIS 410, *1 (Miss. Ct. App. 2015). Rehearing denied by High Sierra Tax Sale Props., LLC v. Daley, 2016 Miss. App. LEXIS 39 (Miss. Ct. App., Jan. 19, 2016).  Writ of certiorari denied High Sierra Tax Sale Props., LLC v. Daley, 188 So. 3d 575, 2016 Miss. LEXIS 170 (Miss., Apr. 21, 2016).  We were also successful in having the Mississippi Supreme Court overturn a ruling from the DeSoto County, Mississippi Chancery Court’s dismissal of our client’s claim for reimbursement of taxes paid at a tax sale for failure of the Clerk to follow proper statutory procedure. Sass Muni-V, LLC v. Desoto County, 170 So. 3d 441, 443, 2015 Miss. LEXIS 159, *1 (Miss. 2015).  We believe these rulings demonstrate our intricate understanding of ad valorem tax liens – an understanding that few, if any, of our competitors can match.  Whether your property was lost for failure to pay your property taxes and you want to set aside the tax sale and get your property back or you purchased property at a county or city tax sale that has matured to you and you want to confirm you tax title or remove unlawful occupants, we are your #1 resource in the entire state of Mississippi.

Tax lien investment companies are encouraged to contact us regarding the services we can provide you.  We appreciate that you may have anywhere from 20-100 properties in Mississippi needing different levels of attention.  We provide a variety of services from a simple Tax Lien Opinion to removing unlawful occupants and personal property from properties for which we have obtained a Judgment Confirming and Quieting Tax Title.  Our technology makes keeping track of each case easy with convenient online access to your files at any time.  Day, night or weekends, your asset managers will have access to their files providing them the ability to not only check the status of the file but to actually view documents filed in the case. Additionally, every time activity occurs in your case, you will receive an email notice of that activity allowing you to log in and see what has happened.  Further, we provide you a written update of each case accompanying the monthly invoice.  Finally, our attorney is only a phone call or email away if you have a specific question or need advice on tax lien issues.

If you would like more information on our ad valorem tax lien services, please contact our firm. You can discuss your need with our attorney at no cost to you.